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Things are different. Please check our beatCOVID page to see where you can exercise, swim, climb, explore and compete safely this fall.

WELCOME Class of 2024! You have some amazing opportunities at your fingertips. Get oriented to on-Grounds recreation.

UVA Tennis Lessons

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You'll enjoy tennis your whole life. Why not make the most of UVA's world-class courts and amazing tennis culture with some lessons?

Racquet Sports

Tennis lessons for both adults and kids are offered year-round at UVA. Enjoy playing at the Snyder Tennis Center, home of the national champion winning Hoos.

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Youth tennis lessons are also available at UVA.

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Courts Around Grounds

When you are on Grounds, you are never far from racquet sport courts. The primary tennis facility is Snyder Tennis Center, located on central Grounds. We have 13 lit tennis courts there that are open for recreational play most of the time and reservable for IM-Rec Sports members. We also have 4 tennis courts at the Dell off of Emmet Street. 

For indoor racquet sports, we offer table tennis, racquetball and squash. Racquetball courts are at both, Slaughter Recreation Center and North Grounds Recreational Center. Table Tennis tables can be found at Slaughter and North Grounds as well as the AFC during the summer. We have squash courts at North Grounds as well as the championship-venue McArthur Squash Center located at the Boar's Head Resort.

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