Intramural Sports at UVA

Intramural Sports at UVA

Find your sports people. Make a team or join as a free agent. Nothing's holding you back from Champ Shirt Glory.

Intramural Sports

Take to the field, court or pool for your chance to claim the coveted Champ Shirt. Over 150 student employees supervise and officiate the Intramural contests and strive to make your experience enjoyable and memorable. Good luck and have fun!

Upcoming Sports

UTeam leagues are for UVA Health System employees and their friends/family.

Getting In The Game

We organize our intramural sports through IMLeagues and payment is made through our ecommerce platform ActiveNet. So, to get in the game, you'll need to find the sport in IMLeagues then make your payment in ActiveNet. Just follow these steps and you're all set.

  1. Register or login at
  2. Click on 'University of Virginia' at the top of the page
  3. Click on the sport you wish to join
  4. Click on the the league you wish to play in (i.e. Men’s, Women’s, Co-Rec, etc.).

    You can join the sport one of three ways:

    Create a team

    1. Choose the division you would like to play in
    2. Click ‘Create Team’ Button.
    3. Agree to Terms and Conditions & Read Captain’s Information.
    4. Enter Team Name & Computing ID.
    5. Choose whether or not to Auto Accept Members on your team.
    6. Select your team Status in regards to looking for players.
    7. Enter Phone Number/Carrier and if you would like to receive updates via text.
    8. Click the “Create Team Button”.

    Captains can invite members to their team by clicking the “Invite Members” link on the team page. Any invited members must accept the invitation to be joined to your team.

    Join A Team

    1. Search for the Team Name in the Search Window
    2. Under the ‘Team’ heading on the left hand sidebar click ‘Join Team’
    3. Accept Terms and Conditions
    4. Enter your Computing ID. Click ‘Send Request’.

    Join as a Free Agent

    1. Go to the sport league that you wish to join
    2. Click the green ‘Register/ Signup’ Button
    3. Click on ‘Free Agent’
    4. Choose the Divisions you wish to be a free agent for and click submit
    5. Enter your Computing ID
    6. If you wish to enter Additional Info About Yourself you can do so here
    7. Click ‘Post Listing’.

    You can manage your Free Agent requests from your ‘Home’ page.

  5. Payment Instructions - Once you have created or joined a team, please pay online through ActiveNet or with Business Services located on the second floor of the AFC and at the NGRC service desk. You can also call them at 434-924-3791 between 9am and 5:30pm Monday-Friday.


View Captains Guide and Sport Rules


Participation in the Intramural Sports Program is completely voluntary. Individuals participate at their own risk and absolve the University of Virginia of responsibility for any injuries incurred during the activity. All individuals should be in good physical condition. Participants are encouraged to provide their own health insurance and to receive a health examination yearly.

All participants must wear shoes. For outdoor sports, rubber cleated shoes and screw-in cleats will be allowed. Metal cleats of any kind, open heel and/or toe shoes are prohibited. For indoor sports, court shoes must be worn. Any item deemed to be dangerous by Intramural Staff may not be worn during a game.

All types of jewelry (aside from medical bracelets) are prohibited in every sport - no exceptions.

League Classifications

Men's - Teams consist mainly of male students, faculty, staff and spouses. Females may participate in this league.

Open - Teams may consist of students, faculty, staff and spouses. Teams may have any number of male and/or female participants.

Fraternity - Fraternities registered with the Dean of Students Office may compete in the Fraternity League. Teams may consist of the full-time UVA students (minimum 12 credit hours) that are listed on the charter in the Inter-Fraternity Council Office. Full-time grad students can participate in the league if they were an undergraduate member of the fraternity at UVA.

Women's - Teams may consist of female students, faculty, staff, and spouses.

Co-Rec - Teams may consist of students, faculty, staff, and spouses. Teams are required to have both male and female participants.

Division Classifications

Divisions - Most Men's and CoRec Leagues will be broken into Competitive and Recreational Divisions for playoffs, based on the teams’ winning percentages during the regular season.  In these leagues, teams with a winning percentage above .500 will be placed in the Competitive Division.  Teams with a winning percentage of .500 or below will be placed in the Recreational Division.

Free Agency

Free Agency is designed to aid those interested in participating in a particular sport who are lacking a team with which to play.  Individuals who do not have a team are encouraged to register through as Free Agents.  Participants searching for additional players to complete their teams are able to search for registered Free Agents in all sports.


The IM-Rec Sports Department assesses charges for participation in Intramural activities. All entry fees are payable by check, cash or major credit card at the time of entry.


Team captains and participants are responsible for knowing their team’s schedule. In most cases, teams play their regular season contests on the same day throughout the regular season. Scheduling information will be posted on the IM-Rec Sports Department’s web page at IM Leagues and at a sport’s particular site.

Employment with Intramural Sports

Student Officials and Supervisors are hired to work for the IM-Rec Sports Department’s Intramural Program. The essential qualities for all employees are dependability, self-confidence, a willingness to learn the rules, and the ability to communicate tactfully with participants. Training clinics and scrimmages are held prior to the start of each sport season. Interested individuals should consult the IM-Rec Sports Department’s Jobs page.

Intramural Champions

Champion T-shirts are awarded to the Champions of each sport (teams may receive up to but no more than twice the amount of players required to field a team). A photo of each Championship Team will also be displayed on the Intramural Wall of Fame.


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