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Wednesday, January 18th

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About IM-Rec Sports

IM-Rec is where Hoos find connection and inspiration to thrive.

About Us

Our Mission

IM-Rec offers a variety of programs, services, and spaces where our students, faculty and staff feel welcome and safe, can find meaningful connections and develop all dimensions of wellness (social, intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and
occupational) that enrich the learning, living, teaching and working experiences at UVA.

Values to our Community


A shared commitment by all employees that safety is at the forefront of all decision-making, operations and programs that is regularly evaluated.


Adhere to all governing regulations, university policies, health and safety standards and data/security requirements.


Adhere to the highest industry standards by utilizing and stewarding resources effectively to exceed expectations in all that we do.


Create safe, accessible environments and activities where all members of the university community feel welcome and can thrive.


Foster relationships and serve as good University citizens in all interactions with individuals, groups and departments.


Execute our mission while navigating change and obstacles with an approach that is resourceful, innovative and imaginative.


We are Inclusive, People Focused department serving the University of Virginia community (students, faculty, staff and alumni).

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