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Things are different. Please check our beatCOVID page to see where you can exercise, swim, climb, explore and compete safely this fall.

WELCOME Class of 2024! You have some amazing opportunities at your fingertips. Get oriented to on-Grounds recreation.

adult swim lessons near uva

Adult Swim Lessons

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for cardiovascular health. It's also a great for injury recovery or cross training.

Swim Lessons

There is always room to improve. Whether you are just starting or want to perfect an advanced stroke, our instructors help you achieve your goals. Don't be one of the many adults in Charlottesville who think it's too late to learn to swim. UVA is the perfect place for swim lessons.
All of the instructors were awesome! The class was one of the very best I have ever taken. Thank you!

Youth swim lessons are also available at UVA.

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I felt confident enough after my beginner swim class to participate in an indoor triathlon! My instructors were all great, encouraging and very willing to adapt the class for everyone's needs!