Develop Skills

Develop Your Skills

Our passionate instructors are ready to help you build on what you know. Master a new skill this year.

Develop Skills

If you are a part of the UVA community, you feel its vibrant energy for learning. Acquiring new skills and knowledge is a cornerstone of UVA and recreation is no different. Embrace that energy and improve your abilities. Take up tennis, or kayaking, or any one of the many programs offered to enrich your life.

Small Group Training

With the proper instruction, your workouts are more productive and your chance of injury are greatly reduced. You'll never regret learning how the right way. 

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Outdoor Adventure

From climbing to kayaking, our outdoor instruction help you enjoy Virginia's natural beauty. You can learn wilderness first aid with us and connect with a community as passionate about the outdoors as you are.

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Racquet Sports Instruction

Due to COVID-19, our tennis instruction program is limited to adults only.

Swim instruction in charlottesville

Swim Instruction

Due to COVID-19, our swim instruction program is limited to adults only.

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