The Park & More

The Park at UVA

Located in the North Grounds area of the University of Virginia, The Park complex is available for use by the entire University community. The Park is an ideal setting for sporting activities, walking/running, tournaments, special events and group picnics.

Carr’s Hill Field (University Ave)

Carr’s Hill Field is a lighted three acre artificial turf field lined for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey.

Copeley Field (Massie Rd)

Copeley offers a softball field & three half-court basketball courts across from North Grounds Recreation Center.

Lambeth Field (Emmet St)

Lambeth Field is a one and a half acre natural grass field surrounded by the historic UVA Colonnades.

Madison Bowl Field (Rugby Road)

Mad Bowl is a three acre natural grass field behind Madison Hall.

Nameless Fields (Emmet St)

Nameless Fields combined are one and a half acres of recreational grass fields and two sand volleyball courts, adjacent to Memorial Gymnasium.

Perry-Fishburne Tennis & Dell Basketball Courts (Emmet St)

Four tennis courts & three lighted outdoor basketball courts adjacent to Ruffner Hall.

Facility Hours

Outdoor venues available for University students, faculty and staff.


Ample parking is available at The Park before 7:30am and after 5pm. Various parking options are available at the other locations.