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Things are different. Please check our beatCOVID page to see where you can exercise, swim, climb, explore and compete safely this fall.

WELCOME Class of 2024! You have some amazing opportunities at your fingertips. Get oriented to on-Grounds recreation.

Group Exercise NOW

It's true. Students who exercise regularly do better in school. And students who workout with other students, exercise more regularly. That's why, it's so important to join Group Exercise now.

Group Ex

Class Schedule

Our amazing instructors will help you take care of yourself with in-person classes, live online classes and, something we're very excited about, on demand virtual classes.

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What are your Interest

The best way to view the class schedule is using our UVA IM-Rec app! View current classes, save your favorites for quick reference and even let us know you're coming by reserving your spot in class! Download the app in the Apple and Google stores.

What to Expect

Before class, be sure you register via the mobile app (Apple/Android) or online portal.

Try to arrive 5-10 minutes before class so you can wipe down any equipment needed and you won't feel rushed if you have any trouble locating the room.

The instructor checks everyone in and gives instruction on the equipment (if any) needed for the class. Everything you'll need is provided in the room and there will be no shared equipment. 

Grab what you need and set up a little space for yourself over a marked spot.

The instructor will be in the front and center of the room, wearing a microphone to give instruction and they'll often play music. Simply follow the instruction and enjoy yourself!

Every class has a variety of fitness levels and the instructor will show how to modify each move for beginners.

If any move makes you uncomfortable, it's ok to stop, or modify it as you like. Feel free to grab a drink of water, or a different weight during the class if necessary. At the end of class, please wipe down any equipment you used with an antiseptic wipe and return the equipment.

Group Exercise Pass Prices:

  • Single-class: $7
    • Same-Day Use Only
  • Unlimited $20 per month - Unlimited access to:
    • All in-person classes
    • All live virtual classes
    • Our growing library of on demand classes (coming soon)

All in-person classes are first-come, first-serve! Group Exercise schedules and instructors are subject to change throughout the semester.

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There are two easy ways to purchase a Group Exercise pass

To participate in Group Exercise, you must be a student or IM-Rec Sports member

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