Facility Access Eligibility

For UVA students, current and retired employees, affiliates, alumni and their families who want to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, we offer state-of-the-art recreation facilities, programming, sports teams, exercise instruction, equipment, and wellness services. Members have access to all recreation facilities and receive discounted program registration fees.

Proof of Membership is conveyed by UVA Identification Card, IM-REC Sports Membership Card, or by providing Student/Member validation information (ID#, e-mail, etc.). Photo identification may be required in addition to validation information for proof of identification.

Intramural-Recreational Sports reserves the right to end or revoke access if the student/members engages in rude, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior. Intentional submittal of false or misleading identification may result in the loss of access privileges and eligibility.

UVA Students

  • Currently registered Full-Time UVA Students are automatically granted access through payment comprehensive student fees. 
  • Currently registered Part-Time UVA Students are eligible to purchase a membership. 
  • Ongoing UVA Students not enrolled in fall, spring, or summer classes are eligible to purchase a membership. 
  • Recent UVA graduates are eligible to purchase a membership immediately following graduation.

UVA & Medical Center Faculty, Staff, & Retirees

  • UVA Faculty & Staff with benefits and Retirees are eligible to purchase a membership. Current full-time UVA employees are eligible for a $50 subsidy on annual memberships as part of their benefit package.


  • UVA Alumni Association Life Members are eligible to purchase a membership.


  • Employees of UVA Foundations and other organizations that directly support the University are eligible to purchase a membership. Affiliation verification is required.


COVID Update

  • Sponsored visitors to the University are not currently eligible to purchase a membership.


  • Full-Time Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni are eligible to sponsor spouses, plus-one, dependents, and youth for membership.

Member Guests

COVID Update

  • Current members and full-time students are not currently eligible to sponsor personal guests by purchasing a facility Guest Pass.

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga

COVID Update

  • Mysore Ashtanga Yoga is currently part of the Group-Exercise schedule and pass plan.

1-Week Trial Guests

  • Eligible Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, Alumni, Spouses, Plus-ones, and Dependents are eligible for a 1-Week trial membership which includes access to all recreation facilities and group exercise classes for the duration of trial week. Membership is limited to one per person.

Membership Payment Options

  • Major credit card/ debit card
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Payroll deduction (Full and Part-Time UVA Faculty & Staff)

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Membership renewals can be paid online with a major credit card/debit card.