Masks Requirement

In compliance with the University Mask policy, masks are required inside all IM-Rec facilities for all activities, except when actively swimming. 

Dynamic Warm-Up

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10-15 Minute Dynamic Warm-up Routine for any exercise program by Jason Davis (UVA Director of Fitness & Instruction)

Equipment/Space requirements: 10-20 yards of outdoor space (parking lot, yard, driveway, etc.)

  • Walking Lunge with Upper Body Twist
    • 20 yards alternating lead leg. Twist in direction of lead leg.
    • Focuses on glutes, hamstrings, quads as well as ankle and foot.
  • Walking High Knees
    • 20 yards. Grasp leg and pull towards chest as walking. Alternate grasping each leg.
    • Focuses on glutes, hamstrings and low back.
  • Open the Gate
    • 20 yards alternating legs. Start position- walking forward.
    • Raise leg at hip with knee bent, then rotate leg outward. Set foot down.
    • Focuses on groin/inner thigh.
  • Close the Gate
    • 20 yards alternating legs. Start position- in open gate position with leg rotated outward.
    • In starting position, bring the leg inward across the midline of the body towards opposite side.
    • Focuses on lateral (outside) upper leg- IT band and hip area.
  • Forward/Back/Side Leg Swings
    • Focuses on hips and hip flexors.
  • Jogging High Knees
    • Focuses on glutes and hamstrings.
  • Jogging Butt Kicks
    • Focuses on quadriceps.
  • Carioca
    • 20 yards in each direction.
    • Focuses on hips and hip flexors.
  • Strides
    • 4-5 20-yard.
    • This is not quite a sprint, gradually pick up speed over the course of the 20 yards.