Masks Requirement

In compliance with the University Mask policy, masks are required inside all IM-Rec facilities for all activities, except when actively swimming. 

On Demand Fitness Access - Phone App

Below are the step by step instructions to access On Demand Fitness Videos via the app. Group Fitness or Virtual Pass required.

See instructions on how to access videos on a desktop computer.

There are too many steps to this, but please bear with us as we work with our partner to streamline this.

Touch the "On Demand Fitness" icon.

Select the class you want to take.

Select "Register Now"

If you aren't signed in, you'll need to sign in via NetBadge or Non-NetBadge.

Select "Register".

Select the family member you want to register.

Select "Checkout".

Select "checkout" again.

Now that you are registered, you won't have to complete those steps again for that class. Now, head back to the class page by touching "Register for Classes".

Touch "Register".

Finally, select "Join Session" and enjoy your class.